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Nurture Authentic and Safe Relationships Around You



Reduce stress and develop poise in managing behaviors in your school and non-profit child-serving organizations with training in the area of trauma and its effect on the brain and body. 

Develop confidence and become self-assured to build strong and reliable boundaries in relationship with others using body-oriented therapy, offered
for individuals, couples, and families.


Decrease staff stress, burnout, and absenteeism while increasing staff authenticity and openness using feedback and heatmapping tools across teams and departments in your organization.

We help trauma survivors overcome the experience of rejection, abandonment, and distrust by developing resources to become emotionally regulated in order to enjoy time with family and friends more confidently.



...affects us at our core across neurological, psychological, emotional, and physical bounds.  Our  memory is compromised and we perceive the world through a fear-based lens.  We doubt ourselves and develop hardships in managing our emotions and relationships.  Our self image, self-esteem, and self-confidence are shattered.

- Abe Reichlin

Founder, Executive Director, The Trauma Academy Northwest, Inc.

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