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Treasure Your Talent Toolkit

Develop a Bragworthy Organization

Organization Executives and HR Directors:

If your organization has struggled with low staff morale, low productivity, low sales, or high staff absenteeism, then you're going to get great value from this letter.


Your company is suffering from a negative company culture


There is discontentment, self-doubt, and stress among team members, and departments are siloed. 
Empoyees may be feeling overworked and are underperforming.

You may be experiencing frustration or are overwhelmed by the culture of your company.  You might even have doubts about what do to do improve it.

Let me be clear: No company deserves to experience a negative company culture

You are experiencing any or all of the following:

  • Increased staff absenteeism

  • Distrust and discontentment among staff members

  • Higher staff turnover and burnout rates

  • Siloing tasks and communication between teams and departments

  • Miscommunication and misunderstanding among staff members


Mick Leggett, CEO
Cross Keys Homes

“The programme has made our place of work happier, more fulfilling for all and ultimately, more productive and high performing.”

Mark Ingham,
Head Teacher
Barley Lane Primary School, Romford

“It has made me bolder. It has improved the way I handle conflict as it has helped me talk, listen and be more open. I am also better able to cope in stress-related situations.” "I will continue to use it as it works and it makes a difference to the staff.”


Phil Winrow,
Director of Business Finance
The Environment Agency

“It’s not initially challenging. But as time goes on it lays down a challenge, and people rise to it. Its core strength is that it challenges assumptions – our own, those we hold about others – and gets us to appreciate the other point of view. It’s all about talking, and that’s a really important component of the business, talking.”

1) Click the "book a demo."

2) Pick a time on the calendar that you would like to speak with one of our global partners about your needs and desires.

3) From now until your appointed time, briefly consider one dream outcome from using our toolkit (there may be many).

4) Meet one of us on the Zoom call at your appointed time.  We will explore your business model and current needs as well as provide information and demonstrate our toolkit.

5) Should you choose to invest in your staff and company, we will send you an Excel spreadsheet to fill out to get started.

You will be able to understand your employees' fullest potential through seeing where the specific issues lie.

 Fully understand your staff's emotional needs because it becomes possible to ask the right questions.

  • Open the lines of communication between staff and leadership 

You will find out about genuine issues before it's too late.

The Trauma Academy Northwest, LLC FINAL-
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