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We are continually encouraged by the positive work that nonprofits are doing for child/family service organizations in all communities and we want to show our support.  We also believe that our message is an important one and want to get it to a greater number of audiences faster.  However, we want your help to do so.

If you are affiliated with a child/family serving non-profit organization that believes in our message and product or believes our missions/values coincide with your non-profit, fill out this form to help us plan a public training or presentation in your community.

In return for allowing us to use your space as a training or presentation venue, we will offer the following perks:

  1. A portion of every ticket sold will go directly back into your organization.

  2. A discounted ticket will be offered to attendees who bring something that benefits your nonprofit or a project, on which you're working (example: a nonperishable food item at a food bank).

  3. Entry will be free of charge for your staff and/or board members.

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