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Training for Organizations

More  understanding of trauma informed care

  • Introduction to Trauma

  • Level I: Neurology of Trauma

  • Level II: The Body and the Brain in Trauma

  • Level III: Organizational Trauma and Trauma's Impact on Systems*

  • Level IV: Staff Reflections

  *Intended for organizational administration

    and leaders only  

    Click here for level objectives and other training


Potential Outcomes:

  • Increased focus and attention

  • Decreased distractibility

  • Faster/better processing of information

  • Fewer behavioral "meltdowns"/fights

  • Calmer kids/adolescents

Increased Safety, trust, reliability, and predictability

Utilization of trauma informed practices

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Training Objectives

Training Descriptions and Objectives

for understanding, identifying, responding to, and preventing trauma in children

Introductory Course: Description and Objectives
Level I Course: Description and Objectives
Level II Course: Description and Objectives
Click on each description and objective link to see its information
Other Training Options
Advanced Training options (1 hour unless otherwise specified)
**Advanced training options are only available after Introduction to Trauma (and Level I training for some advanced training options) has been completed. **
Purchase options: Advanced training options may be chosen a la carte or purchased in conjunction with a level(s) from above (minimum two).  Advanced training options can also be mixed and matched for at least a half day of training in lieu of a level training from above (minimum three).
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