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Beginning with a Philosophy

The Trauma Academy Northwest, LLC began in the summer of 2015 by its Co-Founders with a passion and vision to offer education and consultation to staff and volunteers at organizations including educators, parents/guardians, daycare staff, law enforcement, religious leaders, and others.  The primary goal is to improve the knowledge about trauma among non-mental health professionals by utilizing a five-tiered training program offering increasingly more complex information about how to understand, identify, respond to, and prevent trauma in children.  The specificity, with which they chose their target population and topic matter was completely by design.  Having both spent time in school districts as well as providing outpatient therapy to individuals and families, they believe that much of the training material available to these populations did not get at the heart of the matter: pairing digestible "jargon" free training material with specific and individualized tools for each child-serving agency and venue.

Training Material

While the founder believes the five standard tiers of training material (Introduction to Trauma through Level IV) provide all non-mental health professionals and caregivers a substantial understanding of how trauma affects each child and what adults can do to help alleviate it, they also developed a list of "additional training" that target topics not addressed in the levels.  The description and objectives of all training levels and "additional training" can be found here.


Adding Outpatient Therapy

The owner also realizes after working in other professional capacities that there aren't enough adequately trained trauma therapists and counselors in the Willamette Valley.  Therefore, in addition to the training and consultation program, he decided to open a wellness practice that specializes in treating trauma using body-oriented techniques in mental health, massage, physical therapies, and acupuncture.  The owner's goal is to provide one place for individuals to find the most effective treatments for treating trauma.  As a trained therapist of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, he understands that there is not just one way to overcome traumatic symptoms and regain control and mastery over experiences that once felt unbearable. 

Seeking Treatment

If you think you are struggling with traumatic symptoms related to one or a series of traumatic events and may benefit from a holistic perspective in treatment, visit our therapy page here.


A Unique Opportunity for You

If you are a professional treating the body holistically who believes that there is an unwavering connection between mind, body, and spirit, and are interested in discussing whether you would be a good fit to join our practice, please visit the employment page here


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