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Thank you for considering sponsorship with us.

We are incredibly grateful for your financial support which provides trauma training to our parents, educators, and child-serving nonprofit staff and volunteer community more quickly.

If you are considering sponsoring an event with The Trauma Academy Northwest, LLC, you undoubtedly understand the impact trauma has on our communities and genuinely hope we find a suitable solution.

We believe trauma affects the afflicted most pervasively and others of us are affected vicariously, or by association.  We also believe that with adequate education and training, parents/caregivers, educators, and staff and volunteers of nonprofit organizations are able to recognize and provide for the needs of traumatized children and adolescents in their most vulnerable states.  We want to be the way to a more sustainable future for communities and that you will join us on that path.

Sponsor a training or presentation of your choice and we will be there!

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